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A noble person attracts noble people and knows how to keep them.

-   Goethe  -


BENDIXEN CONSULTING addresses the human resources requirements of client firms, effectively and promptly identifying the ideally suited candidates for professional and executive positions.


On behalf of our clients we act as their representative in the market for talent, promising absolute discretion and respect and reflecting the client’s own corporate culture.

We stress in our approach the highest level of professionalism and place value on loyalty, discipline, flexibility, commitment and reliability, the characteristics we have put at the centre of our experience over the years. Our success speaks for an emphasis on our very civilized way of doing business.


Insight regarding human nature, intuition and empathy

  • The establishment of trust as an essential basis

  • The ability to inspire and persuade

  • The promise to find exactly the right candidate for our client

Knowledge of the industry, the relevant skills and the absolute dedication of our team

  • Rapid and effective response to each new assignment

  • Focus on results in our goal-oriented search activities

  • Placements achieved without delay 

Central to the philosophy of Bedixen Consulting is the notion of a community in which clients and candidates are partners in a network united by shared interests. Our team functions as enablers of relationships which are durable and beneficial to all concerned. We pride ourselves on ‘getting it right’.

You will never find a rainbow, if you are looking down.

-   Charlie Chaplin  -


Founder & Managing Director

“Matchmaking… bringing together people who belong together and can stay together… there’s nothing new about that. I strongly feel that executive search succeeds best when personal relationships are given real priority.” 

Natascha moved into the consultancy and executive search sector in 1999 after many years of experience in marketing and public relations and after completing business studies. Her introduction to executive search was in the information technology sector (European Recruitments & Partner) and then followed experience of the automotive and engineering fields (Leaders Trust International). Since 2004 she has put her focus on the fashion, retail, sport and lifestyle areas. After several years as partner in the firm Capeo Consulting AG she established BENDIXEN CONSULTING in 2007.

If you want to make everyone happy, don't be a leader.
Sell ice cream.

-   Steve Jobs  -


  • Clear - cut definition of the position to be filled

  • Thorough analysis of the position and its corporate environment

  • Formulation of a comprehensive job description

  • Exact candidate search parameters

  • Identification of suitable candidates

  • In-depth telephone interviews

  • Personal interviews without delay

  • Submission of a confidential report detailing personal characteristics as well as professional profile

  • Introduction of the candidates to the client

  • Overall organizational administration of the entire process

  • Frank and transparent communication with both clients and candidates

  • Total confidentiality in respect of information and documentation

  • Conducive surroundings for interview sessions

  • A rigorous non-disclosure policy outside the business relationship

  • In permanent dialogue with our partners in the industry

  • Sourcing enhanced by recommendations from our network of contacts

  • Intensive use of relevant media

  • Participation in trade events and conferences

  • On- going liaison with both client and candidate with regard to the progress of the assignment

  • Transparency for the client ensured by regular detailed project status reports

  • Personal support of both client and candidate until the project has been closed

  • Follow-up contact subsequent to the conclusion of an assignment

In order not to be interchangeable, you have to be different.

-   Coco Chanel  - 


Fashion Industry / Brand 

Trade / Retail


Beauty & Cosmetics

Luxury goods


Our Industry:

Our company was created to serve the highly-demanding fashion, luxury good, sporting goods and lifestyle trades. We understand this business.  It is lively, fascinating, even dazzling—and more importantly plays across an international field.

Our Specialty:

We specialize in finding professionals and executives with a European background. Our area of expertise is with German speaking territories, but due to the international scope of this business we have built up strong network across Europe and in Asia.

Our Commitment to Your Company:

Making your company a priority is of utmost importance.  For that reason, we will not take on more than two clients who share customer bases or brand structures. Our focus is on you.

New challenges can also come from beyond the main areas of our specialization, from partners convinced of our core values and of our dedication to client satisfaction.

The only way to motivate people is communication.

- Lee Iacocca -


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Merzstraße 1

D - 81679 Munich


Phone: +49 (89) 230 46 355

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